Advancing Psychedelic Inspired Medicines & Experiential Therapies Through Clinical Trials

We’re a New Kind of Pharma Company

Patients and therapists deserve care that transcends traditional symptom management cycles, advancing long-term mental healing.

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Our Healing Goes Beyond Just A Pill



Rigorous science of novel psychedelic compounds, therapies, and healing technologies in collaboration with leading institutions and researchers to make faster discoveries, together



Conducting clinical trials of psychedelic inspired medicines and experiential therapies within existing regulatory pathways to ensure the most effective & transformative healing experience possible



We hold ourselves and our products to the highest levels of safety, efficacy, and accessibility so psychedelic inspired medicines and experiential therapies can one day reach patients in need

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This could save lives, cure depression, help alcoholism, get people off opioids—why wouldn’t I want to be invested?”

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Shark Tank's Kevin O' Leary MindMed Investor

MindMed named one of 36 startups that could change the world


MindMed could have the key to providing the upsides of psychedelic drugs for both focus and addiction treatment—while cutting out the downsides of tripping.”


Meet the Team

Our interdisciplinary team of drug development veterans, savvy technologists, and mental health experts was purpose-built to tackle these challenges. With over a century of combined experience in product development and commercialization, we have the know-how and the heart to introduce a better approach to mental health.

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