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Wired: A Detox Drug Promises Miracles—If It Doesn’t Kill You First

By Clayton Dalton  Wired, Sep 15, 2019‍

“It didn’t take Stanley Glick long to realize that ibogaine’s hallucinatory and toxic effects were going to be a problem. “I didn’t think that ibogaine would ever be approved by the FDA,” he told me. “It was just too weird.” He teamed up with a medicinal chemist to find a derivative of ibogaine with similar effects on withdrawal and craving, but without the cardiotoxicity or strange visions.

He’s pretty sure he found it.”

“Even though ibogaine is used in other countries, it cannot become federally approved as a drug-addiction treatment in the US unless both its safety and efficacy are established to the satisfaction of the FDA.” said Mindmed Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Hurst

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