Experiential Therapies

Solving our society’s growing incidence of mental and behavioral health conditions requires an entirely new approach and a new class of therapeutics.

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Transcending Traditional Mental Healthcare

Medically Supervised

Experiential therapies have a high enough dose of a psychedelic (e.g., LSD, psilocybin) to produce a hallucinogenic effect and are administered under the supervision and guidance of a medical professional.

Therapeutic Set & Setting

Every component of a session is intentionally designed to provide the ideal set and setting in which patients can receive the most effective & transformative healing experience possible.

Deeper Healing

With the guidance of a professional, experiential therapies catalyze patients’ mental health journeys by enabling patients to open themselves up to novel and meaningful emotions, thoughts, and experiences for a truly deeper healing.

In the psychedelics-assisted therapy paradigms, the psychedelic molecules don’t by themselves address the underlying biological, psychological or social causes of the mental illness. What psychedelic medicine allows us to do is to help patients open their eyes, in a safe and professional environment, on their wounds and deep conflicts, process them, and create new meanings - between them and their wounds, between them and the world, between their ego and their soul - which in turn helps alleviate the pain and the suffering, and with a subsequent revision of health."

Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli

President, Head of Clinical Development
Photo of Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, President and head of Clinical Development


Anxiety Is A Growing Problem For Society


Increase in benzodiazepine overdose deaths since 19991

284 Million

Globally suffer from anxiety2

$4.7 Billion

Global anxiety medication annual sales3

A Very Social Dilemma

Anxiety is growing as social media usage skyrockets. Since widespread social media adoption in 2009, there has been a 189%4  increase in self-harm.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Multi-factorial causes and symptoms require multidimensional solutions. Traditional mental health care has failed to evolve meaningfully in the past 30 years. Anxiety will not be solved with just a pill a day.

Covid Is Compounding The Problem

COVID-19 is causing job loss, isolation, and overall fear. Anxiety medications have increased 34.1%5 month-over-month in the first few months of COVID-19.

Existing Solutions Mask The Problem

Current options address solely the symptoms– not the underlying disease. Many patients are left feeling stuck in trial-and-error medication cycles, often risking negative side effects and addictive properties.

The Solution

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Project Lucy: Addressing Anxiety with LSD-Assisted Therapy

Advancing the Treatment Paradigm

We put power back in the hands of the two people on the front lines of addressing with a mental health issue — a patient and their therapist. Therapists are a vital piece of the overall support system a patient needs to overcome mental and behavioral health conditions. The importance of the human element cannot be understated.

A Catalyst for Change

Project Lucy involves a hallucinogenic dosing of LSD to treat anxiety, administered by a therapist. LSD increases brain communication and supports talk therapy by expanding the mind and minimizing inhibitions. MindMed is currently preparing to initiate our Phase 2b human efficacy trial for experiential doses of LSD.

Clinical Trial Progress

Chart showing the Project Lucy Clinical Trial is in Phase 2
MindMed has acquired the rights to an ongoing Phase 2 Anxiety clinical trial from University Hospital Basel’s Liechti Lab, being led by Dr. Peter Gasser and Dr. Matthias Liechti.

Tools for Therapists

A Full Spectrum of Tools

MindMed is committed to providing the entire toolset, from breakthrough medicines and technologies to compassionate therapy— for patients and therapists that accounts for the entire, complex patient journey.

A More Personalized Approach

Effective mental healthcare requires a coordinated effort among therapists, drug developers, and patients. Shared data drive insights and better treatments, so we’re working to build a community through partnerships and technology R&D. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of safety, efficacy and compassion so that we can progress the industry — and patient outcomes — faster.

Training the Next Generation of Psychiatrists in Experiential Therapies

In preparation for future deployment of these medicines, it is imperative to get psychedelic substances in front of clinical researchers and give them the resources they need to help clarify the path forward. Learn more about the Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program that MindMed is funding at NYU Langone Health, one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers.